What are the benefits of a bi-color fresnel instrument?

The color balance feature is specially useful when using Practilite instruments along with other lights be it practicals on location or existing instruments in studio.

Does the light output vary when the color balance is changed?

Unlike most of bi-color fixtures the light output does not change when the color temperature is changed from daylight to tungsten so the exposure can remain the same further speeding up the lighting setup.

How does the luminous output compare to a traditional Fresnel fixture?

Practilite 602 compares well to a 300W Fresnel fixture but size wise it's much smaller than Arri 300, in Boost Mode at 4500K it compares to a 500W fixture.

How does the Boost Mode work?

In boost Boost Mode the light output becomes non-linear and peaks at 4500K resulting in 1/2 stop more light output which can be handy when using a softbox.

What is the actual measured light output at 1m/3.3 ft?

The light output is 10000lx or 930fc for spot and 3100lx or 290fc for flood.

Where can I find more information about photometrics?

More information about light output and beam spreads can be found here.

What are the CRI and TLCI?

The typical CRI and TLCI values are 96 for tungsten and 92 for daylight.

Is it DMX controllable?

It has wireless remote control via smart device's Bluetooth connection and has an app to do so but it does not support DMX control.

Where can I get the app and does it cost extra?

The app "Practilite Remote Control" is available free of charge from App Store and from Google Play.

How many fixtures can I control from the app?

It supports up to 6 units a one time.

What parameters can be controlled from the app?

The light intensity and color balance, of course ON/OFF and the "Boost Mode".

What types of accessories does it accept?

It is compatible with Profoto 4" / 100mm diameter mount so if you need a softbox you can start with Profoto compatible accessories either from Chimera or from Profoto.

Can it be powered by batteries?

Yes, the instrument can be powered via optional Gold or V-Mount battery plates.

Which battery plate should be used as recommended accessory?

We recommend using battery plates with integrated 4-pin XLR cable.

How long would be the average run time?

Well, it depends heavily on the battery capacitance, on average it is around two hours for medium sized battery pack.

Which batteries do you recommend?

We recommend high quality batteries from well known manufacturers like IDX, Anron Bauer, PAG, Blueshape etc.

Is the power supply unit on board?

No, the AC adapter is external to keep the fixture as small and light weight as possible.

So that means I can use it on much lighter stands too?

Yes, that was the intention when we designed the instrument, specially for travel and on location shooting, events and so on.

How does the weight compare to the Arri 300 Fresnel?

Practilite 602 weights only 1.3kg despite it's all metal construction whereas Arri 300 weights 2,9kg so the difference is quite significant.

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