Recently I went to Beijing and did a not-so-traditional take on the Communist Party's annual meeting. If I had to shoot liveview with the T/S lens and without the LCDVF, I would not have been able to focus as well and I would have lost tons of pics.

David Høgsholt is based in Shanghai and represented by reportage by Getty Images

Review on Cameratown

by Ron Risman

Overall I am very impressed with the LCDVF. It is currently the best alternative to the Z-Finder and is quite a bit more affordable. It's magnetic mount holds the loupe firmly in place while shooting, yet makes it easy to pop-off when you're not. The 200% magnification of the LCD makes the 3.0" display look more like a "big screen" TV when viewing through the loupe, which in turn makes it easier to pull focus while recording.

Review by Indiev

February 9, 2010

For the price, you can’t beat it. The 2x magnification seems perfect, any more and it would seem like pixel peeping to me. You can see the whole frame but also focus and look around the frame with no distortion. The LCDVF gets two thumbs up, 5 out of 5. I just can’t fault it.

Gear News ja Reviews – LCDVF vs Z-Finder

November 20, 2009

Some type of a viewing system is critical for using a video DSLR. For me I’m going to be keeping the LCDVF. Both products are remarkably good in aiding you shoot video, but in the end money has to be a consideration and at $159, the LCDVF offers everything the Z-Finder does, with the exception of a diopter, for 60% less.

Sound on Sound

October, 2010

This isn’t the cheapest accessory, or indeed the cheapest viewfinder, but it’s also far from the most expensive and is well engineered.

Epic DSLR Viewfinder Review. Part 5: Essential DSLR accessories

by Nino Leitner

[...] for a budget setup, I think the LCDVF might be the perfect companion. Its magnetic attaching mechanism is very comfortable when put in practice - I left the LCDVF tangling around my neck when I didn’t use it, and it attaches with a snap and sits tightly and securely on the camera.

LCDVF review

by Paul Joy

The LCDVF on the other hand makes it easier to focus, comes with a nice set of accessories, and is less likely to damage the LCD. Without a diopter adjustment though you’ll only be able to correct for eye condition by modifying it yourself.

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