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  • LCDVF on a Canon 5D MKII

  • LCDVF on a Canon 5D MKII

  • LCDVF on a Nikon D90


This video preview will be part of my full review of the newly released LCDVF Loupe-style viewfinder for hybrid digital SLR's. My full review will be coming within the next week or so, after I have had a chance to use it out in the field over the upcoming weekend.

Adam Weiss gives a demo of LCDVF viewfinder for SLR cameras.

Shawn's initial reaction to the LCDVF for the T2i.

Attaching the LCDVF to a 5D MKII.
Isn't the interface frame sleek? Almost invisible.

Magnetic power of the LCDVF mounting system.
Low profile (1.25mm) mounting frame allows for easy cleaning of the LCD screen. This frame is not a magnetic one as some would think after reading some intentionally incompetent reviews.

Attaching this metal interface frame to a Nikon D90.
This metal frame also acts as a magnetic shield for additional safety.
Talking about safety, you can hear a 28mm f2 prime falling off the table at the end :)...

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