What are the key benefits of using LCDVF as screen viewing aid and magnifier?

Firstly, to stabilize the camera when shooting video handheld. Also to aid on-the-fly focusing. Even with full frame sensor, like the one on Canon 5D, the rolling shutter "jello" effect/artifact can be reduced to minimum when using it with the LCDVF and 28mm f1.8 USM prime lens, for example. Lastly, LCDVF let’s you to use LCD screen in bright sunlight. This also goes for regular shooting of photos.

What types of cameras can benefit from such a device?

The new generation of video enabled DSLR cameras often referred to as HDSLR or VDSLR cameras are our main target.

What cameras are supported?

You can see the most up to date compatibility list here.

Does LCDVF fit the Canon 550D/T2i and 60D?

We have a special model for the popular Canon 550D or Rebel T2i. It was designed specially for these cameras and at the time being it is the only proper viewfinder for these wider aspect screens.

Is there any chance that LCDVF magnets could interfere with the camera's electronics or the memory card?

No. There is not a single case from over 20.000 units sold where the magnets have caused any interference or data loss.

What about the new breed of mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras?

Sure, these new cameras are covered, but to certain extent. We have a special version for Sony NEX 5/3 series and got Panasonic GH and GF series of micro four thirds (m3/4) cameras, including GH2.

What is included in the basic package?

Everything you need: The LCDVF base unit, the lanyard itself, a special pouch, user manual and two mounting plates in case you have two cameras or you just need one as a backup and a sexy strap. All LCDVF packages also include a Bluestar microfiber eyecushion. We have also tossed in some absolutely free bubble-wrap!

What if I need more spare mounting plates/frames?

Spare frames are available for direct order and can be purchased separately from our retailers.

Why is there a such steep price difference between all the different LCD viewfinders?

As LCDVF screen viewing loupes were designed from ground up with the professional in mind we didn't want to make a single compromise in the optical quality. LCDVF viewfinders are still one of the few devices in existence that use achromatic doublet lens pairs for magnification to avoid optical deformations and chromatic abberration (CA) related problems. The use of such high quality lens is the sole contributor to the somewhat steep price difference but at the end of the day we feel that it's well worth it.

Why is there such a steep price difference between all these identical LCD viewfinders?

If the price is too good to be true it might be a counterfeit LCDVF which doesn't feature our original high quality safety optics. (By safe me mean that the original LCDVF lens formula ensures that your camera will not be burned when sun shines into the viewfinder.) The build quality and overall feel is often also an issue.

How can I be sure that I buy the original LCDVF and not one of the counterfeit ones?

The genuine LCDVF is manufactured by LCDVF PLC and is supplied in a white box bearing our name and logo. Legitimate sellers are generally contactable, and this is an easy question to ask. All LCDVF industrial designs are registered. If you spot a fake LCDVF on sale, please let us know.

Does LCDVF feature dioptric correction?

No, LCDVF is designed as a robust and simple "passive" device without moving parts. But its SafeOptics placement makes it easy to use for "-2" to "+1" prescription. If you are not sure if your prescription matches our optical design you should try before you buy. LCDVF products are sold worldwide via our retail network.

Can I at least use it when wearing contact lenses?


But if I wear spectacles?

If your glasses are small to medium sized you will be able to use the LCDVF.

Why isn't it designed to look like a prop borrowed from the latest Transformers movie?

Because we believe that most video-photographers are not that much into teenage pseudo-tech than they are into discreet and professional equipment design.

Even if I'm from Georgia is it still comfortable for my nose?

Sure it is, brother.

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