LCDVF comes in a number of variations and is compatible with many cameras with 3”, 3.2" and 3.5" screens. Please always refer to this page for the latest compatibility information.

Frame measurements


LCDVF modification: 4/3 3/2 16/9 3C 4N BM
BlackMagic Design
Pocket Cinema Camera           x
Canon EOS 5D MK IV       x    
Canon EOS 5D MK III       x    
Canon EOS 5D MK II x          
Canon EOS 1DX       x    
Canon EOS 1DC       x    
Canon EOS 1D MKIV x          
Canon C100           x**
Canon EOS 6D   x        
Canon EOS 7D x          
Canon EOS 50D x          
Canon EOS 60D   x        
Canon EOS 70D   x        
Canon EOS 550D/T2i/X4   x        
Canon EOS 600D/T3i/X5   x*        
Canon EOS 650D/T4i   x*        
Canon EOS 700D (EOS Rebel T5i)   x        
Canon EOS 500D/T1i/X3 x          
Canon S90 x          
Canon G10 x          
Nikon D810         x  
Nikon D800         x  
Nikon D5100 x          
Nikon D5200 x          
Nikon D7000 x          
Nikon D3100 x          
Nikon D3200 x          
Nikon D300s x          
Nikon D90 x          
Nikon D3s x          
Nikon S8100 x          
Nikon P7000 x          
Nikon P300 x          
Nikon Coolpix AW100 x          
Nikon Coolpix P310 x          
Nikon Coolpix L820 x          
Pentax K-7 x          
Pentax K-5 x          
Pentax K-r x          
Pentax K-01 x          
Samsung NX10 x          
Panasonic LX100     x      
Panasonic GF1     x      
Panasonic GF2     x      
Panasonic DMC-GF3     x      
Panasonic DMC-GF5     x      
Panasonic GH1     x      
Panasonic GH2     x      
Panasonic GH3   x        
Panasonic GH4   x        
Panasonic GX7           x
Sony A7 A7R x          
Sony A6000     x      
Sony SLT-A99 x          
Sony SLT-A57 x          
Sony SLT-A77 x          
Sony SLT-A65 x          
Sony DSC-RX100 x          
Sony DSC-HX9V x          
Sony NEX-5N     x      
Sony NEX-5R     x      
Sony NEX-5     x      
Sony NEX-7     x      
Sony NEX-3     x      
Sony NEX-C3     x      

List updated: August 2016

* Please test before purchasing for 600D/3Ti, if possible. The magnets may interfere with camera's LCD shut-off sensor in some rare cases.

** Please note that LCDVF metal frame will not allow to completely close the LCD screen.

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Did You Know?

The purpose designed LCDVF16/9 fits Panasonic GH1, GF1 and GF2.
It is also usable on Sony NEX 5 and NEX 3 series of compact interchangeable lens cameras.

The new 16/9 is the only viewfinder available for these 16/9 aspect ratio screens.

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