Electronic Viewfinder FAQ

What are the basic video functions of the EVF?

Focusing and exposure aids, like peaking and zebra(s) along with 1:1 zoom.

Why shouldn't I use the in-camera focusing and exposure aids instead?

There are two reasons for that:
1. When recording uncompressed video to an external device, the outcoming signal can't have any video overlays or processing to it, so we have to add all that in EVF.
2. Many cameras, like the current crop of the video DSLRs, don't have proper assist functions for focusing and exposure.

Does the viewfinder provide HDMI loopthrough?

Sure, it provides it along with audio pass through, so the in-camera audio can pass through, too. Make sure the EVF is always at the final end of the signal chain to make sure that you see what you get, specially when recording to external devices such as Atomos Ninja.

Can the EVF be used on RED cameras too?

Sure! It was designed around RED Epic and Scarlet camera brains but it can also be used on ONE. However, as RED Epic and Scarlet do not have standard HDMI output by default these cameras should be switched to 720p for correct monitoring. From firmware Version 12 and upwards we support full HD monitoring support for Epic and Scarlet.

Mechanics/usability related

Can I tilt the viewfinder/LCD for over-the-crowd or waist level shooting without losing the dialed-in position for shoulder shooting?

Yes, you can go back to shoulder mode in no time, just like on any shoulder camera – no readjusting needed, no shots lost.

Does the diopter correction change the overall length of the viewfinder?

No, the length remains the same, so the operator can comfortably dial in the right amount of diopter correction without readjusting the overall position of the viewfinder.

Does the viewfinder and its mounting hardware allow the standard lens center to eyepiece center adjustment found on standard shoulder-mount cameras?

Of course, our EVF is designed around industry standard 50mm to 130mm eye offset. This is also the reason why the HDMI/HD-SDI ports are under the viewfinder and not on the side of it – to allow the operator to look straight ahead into the eyepiece.

So the mounting hardware isn't just a simple camera-top hotshoe ballhead?

No, camera top ballhead mount is useless for electronic viewfinder as electronic viewfinder is primarily designed for shoulder mount configurations on the side of a camera.

What are the advantages of the achromatic eyepiece design?

Achromatic eyepiece provides the best possible image quality so the operator can be sure that what he/she sees is what is recorded.

Software related

Can the red peaking function over black and white image be changed back to color?

Yes, the black and white as well as blue image are separated from the peaking so the operator can dial-in any combination.

Positionable 1:1 pixel zoom?

This function allows to zoom in to 1:1 pixels of the incoming signal which can then be positioned anywhere in the frame. Just press the OK/loupe button and position the zoomed-in portion with arrow buttons.

The histograms do not seem to work properly

The issue with non-responsive histograms can be caused by the input signal carrying black frames around the image. As the histogram function analyzes the whole range of the inbound signal, the black areas affect the histogram ratio accordingly. The solution would be defining and using crop setting for the actual image area, excluding the black framing (Menu > Video > Cropping > Configure cropping area)

What are the assignable user presets?

The user presets are user defined software configurations that can be assigned to the function buttons so instead of individual features a whole set of user configured parameters can be recalled by a press of physical button on the side of the viewfinder. Four sets of configured parameters can be saved and assigned.

Does the EVF provide anamorphic de-squeeze?

Yes, three standard presets as well as manual re-scaling.

Can the software be updated?

Yes, via USB port.

Can new features be added via software updates?

Yes, if the need for additional features arises.

Can I share the software configuration sets along with multiple viewfinders?

We are working on a solution to provide a solid platform for sharing and storing multiple configuration sets as configuring multiple viewfinders for the same specific tasks must be as easy and simple as possible.

Power related

How is it powered?

It can operate on internal batteries and on almost any external DC source.

Which external source can be used?

Any source from 4 to 16 volts DC reverse polarity protected for additional safety.

Which internal batteries can be used?

4 x AA with quick-change cassettes. Two cassettes are included.

Why not proprietary internal lithium batteries?

Double A (AA) batteries are available worldwide even at remote locations and non-lithium batteries can whitstand extreme cold storing temperatures below -20 Celsius (-4F).

Is there any advantages in using interal batteries?

Yes, the most obvious one is the battery life advantage in cold operating environment.

Package related

Is the mounting hardware included?

Yes, all the mounting hardware is included in the price.

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