Support & Downloads

Download LCDVFE User Manual (PDF 780Kb)
Version: 25.05.2012
Download LCDVFE Manager (EXE file for PC, 3.2Mb)
Version: 25.06.2012
Download LCDVFE Manager (DMG file. Works on Mac OS X Lion; Mountain Lion; Mavericks and Yosemite, 3.2Mb. Older OSX versions are not supported)
Version: 25.06.2012
Latest LCDVFE Firmware (UPD file, 1.2Mb)
Version: 13 Your software version can be seen under 'Keys' section in your LCDVFE menu.

How to update the firmware?

  • Download LCDVFE Manager
  • Download the latest LCDVFE firmware
  • Connect your LCDVFE to your computer via USB and switch it on
  • Launch LCDVFE Manager application.
  • Press 'Firmware' icon on the top button bar of the program
  • Select the firmware file that you have downloaded in the 'Open' dialogue
  • Make sure you disconnect the HDMI cables before continuing (but not USB) and press 'Open'
  • The program tells you that the update was successful and you may disconnect the device
If it doesn't work out as intended, please take a minute to retry for a couple of times. Especially Windows and it's USB drivers could be full of surprises and could randomly work on a second or third try while failing at first.
If you continue to have problems updating the software, please contact us at

Firmware history

Changes in software version 13

  • Support for remote control

Changes in software version 12

  • Support YCrCb direct loopthrough (4:4:4 8-bit and 4:2:2 8-bit) in addition to RGB (good news for Atomos Ninja users)
  • Improved color space conversion (ITU-R BT.601, BT.709, limited RGB, fullrange RGB)
  • Add full HDMI AVI and AIF infoframe loopthrough
  • Restart HDMI output on input resolution change; switch off HDMI output when no input
  • Improved aspect ratio autodetect

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