Remote Control

Remote Control for LCDVFe Viewfinder

The Kinotehnik Remote Control for LCDVFe Viewfinder is a joystick remote control for the Kinotehnik LCDVFe Electronic Viewfinder. It replicates all the functions of the viewfinder keypad with the exception of ON/OFF control. The lever moves in four directions and pushes down to make a selection. The unit features a 15mm outside diameter that's compatible with all standard 15mm rod clamps. This allows you to conveniently keep it mounted on your rig at all times.

An approximately 20" long, integrated mini-USB cable extends from the remote for connection to the LCDVFe.


  • Compact Joystick Remote Control
  • Replicates All Functions Except ON/OFF
  • Moves in 4 Directions and Pushes In
  • 15mm Outside Diameter; Fits 15mm clamps
  • Integrated 20" Mini-USB Cable
Kinotehnik LCDVFE Remote control

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