Meet the flesh and blood of Kinotehnik

Tõnis Liivamägi

Tõnis Liivamägi

Founder and CEO

Tõnis is the founder of Kinotehnik and the creative mastermind behind everything that we do in the company. He has always been fond of both design and cinematography – let’s take a childhood carnival costume for example: Tõnis appeared as a cameraman, carrying a professional-looking broadcast camera… made entirely of paper. During the last few years, his calling to design things has evolved even further, but instead of paper and scissors, he is now armed with CAD programs, 3D printing, CNC cutting and an excellent team of helpers around the world.

His motto remains simple – to create things he’d use himself for the price he could afford.

Tarmo Liivamägi

Tarmo Liivamägi

Head of Production

Tarmo, the twin-brother of Tõnis, doesn’t share too much with his 5-minutes younger brother, aside for the love of facial hair, excellent sense of humour and the same office address. He is less creative but even more practical, making sure that the production runs as intended and the ideas in the air convert to solid, reliable and affordable products. He’s exceptionally good in solving various engineering problems -- in fact he loves them. And we love him for that.

In his spare time, Tarmo is often wearing work-trunks covered with motor oil... and sometimes even a fire-proof racing suit.

Head of Sales and Marketing

Lars takes care about the sales of marketing of the company. He had been struggling to find something to sell and market that he really believes in – that’s until Kinotehnik came around.

To be blunt: good products do not need to be sold or marketed at all. People just find them, buy them and spread the word about them. So, actually Lars does not sell or market anything – he just makes sure everyone gets what they want: information on the company or the products or the actual products themselves.

Despite the fact that Lars loves to work with marketing texts like this, he would always prefer to be out riding or racing his bicycle. That’s why we keep this page short and to the point.

If you want to know more about us, make sure you hook up with us on Facebook or Twitter. Or preferably both.


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